Hi, I'm Christine

A nutrition coach who helps changemakers, cyclebreakers and service-led leaders transform their health so they are better equipped and resourced to transform the world.

Building a movement takes time and energy; two key resources impacted by our physical, mental and spiritual health. 

Together we’ll unlock whole-person transformation, optimize your health and increase your access to time and energy.

You're in the right place if...

  • You identify as a changemaker, cyclebreaker or service-led leader; 
  • You are hellbent on leaving this world better than you found it;
  • You are sick and tired of feeling unwell;
  • You understand the importance of health when building a movement;
  • You understand how interwoven your health and the health of your community and movement are;
  • You are ready to transform your health and your community for the better.

"I help leaders unlock more time and energy, transforming their health and the world."

About Me

Hey there! I’m Christine. A nutrition coach on a mission to transform the health of all humans, starting with leaders dedicated to building a movement.

I partner with cyclebreakers, changemakers and service-led leaders to help them unlock their healthiest life yet, freeing up time and energy for them to show up in the ways they are being called to.

That’s right, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be all-consuming.

As someone moving through life with three chronic conditions, I know what it's like to dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to my health.

For a decade managing my health was a full-time job, but through small and impactful shifts I not only reduced the physical and emotional load of the chronic conditions, but also decreased my level of pain and discomfort by 90%, freeing up time and energy to commit to other areas of my life like family, friends, and a purpose-driven career.

I’d love to do the same for you.

If you’re a servant leader facing health challenges, or looking to prevent health challenges, reach out.

No matter where you are on your leadership journey, your health is of the utmost importance and you deserve to feel your best.

How I Support Clients

Transformational Nutrition Framework

Nutrition is more than just the food on your plate. Together we’ll tackle physical, mental and spiritual nutrition to unlock whole-person transformation.

Meet my clients where they are

We all are on different journeys and applying a one-size-fits-all approach to protocol development does you no favors. You’re unique and your protocol should be as well.

Honor client's bodily intelligence

No one knows your body better than you. Leveraging the wisdom you have about your body and the wisdom your body contains is critical to lasting results.

Help Clients Identify Potential Blindspots

Sometimes we’re too close to a challenge to see a potential solution. As your coach I’ll leverage my unique vantage point of being further removed from a challenge to help you identify potential blindspots.

Focus On Education, Support And Empowerment

My goal is not to keep you locked into a year-long commitment. I want to help you get results, and get them fast. I also want to empower you to continue your healing journey long after our container ends.

System Support

I’m the systems queen and have a graduate degree in project management. Together we’ll develop supportive systems to reduce any physical or emotional load you may face on your health journey.

Somatic Guidance

When aligned, we’ll utilize somatic-informed exercises to help you release trapped emotions and encourage a parasympathetic state where healing occurs.

Tough Love As Needed

We all need tough love from time-to-time. The best coaches I’ve worked with nudged me along when I needed a nudge and I’m thankful for it. I’ll nudge you when a nudge will be helpful, but also hold space when you need to be held.


"Working with Christine was a pleasure. Throughout our sessions, she met me where I am. Her calm relaxed and attentive demeanor, made me feel seen and heard. She helped me shift perspective on a challenging health setback, and develop a plan to better navigate any future challenges. I enjoyed working with Christine and would recommend her to any friend or colleague that is seeking to transform their health."

Dr. Rikki Gilmore-Byrd

"Christine immediately established a trusting and genuine rapport and I felt very comfortable diving deep into personal and important questions. I like to leave sessions feeling as though I have worked and I definitely unearthed some new mindset shifts. I always look forward to our sessions because I know I’ll unlock more about my behaviors and motivations. I often take on too much with my goal setting and Christine genuinely keeps me in check and ensures I approach goal setting with feasible goals that we work on every week so I am successful no matter how small or large!"

Kirsten Wright-Cirit, CWP

"Christine is the coach you’re seeking. She is an active and caring listener with a great curiosity to go deeper to help you get unstuck. Christine’s method of open ended questions helped me uncover limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living life by design not default."

Zoraida Morales

Coaching Bundles


  • 1-on-1 private coaching
  • Value-aligned goal definition, development and tracking
  • Accountability partnership
  • In depth guides and resources exclusively for clients
  • Somatic-supportive practices to facilitate the release of trapped emotions within the body
  • 90-MIN intake session
  • 2 60-MIN sessions each month
  • 2 weeks of session integration per month
  • Virtual


  • 1-on-1 private coaching
  • Value-aligned goal definition, development and tracking
  • Accountability partnership
  • In depth guides and resources exclusively for clients
  • Somatic-supportive practices to facilitate the release of trapped emotions within the body
  • 90-MIN intake session
  • 3 60-MIN sessions each month
  • 1 week of session integration per month for those seeking accelerated results
  • Virtual

I take your time, energy, and resources seriously. All are precious. For this reason, application is necessary. I only work with individuals that are ready to take the steps necessary for change and have the capacity to do so.

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