Hi, I'm Christine

A trauma-informed nutrition coach. I work with individuals that are ready to take their health into their own hands, become the director of their own healing, and reconnect to the wisdom of their body.

We are souls in animal bodies. Like other animals we are designed to live in alignment with the rhythms of nature. Anyone who studies the human body has seen this for themselves: how our internal clock (our circadian rhythm) is tied to the sun; how women's menstrual cycle syncs up with the moon; and how the foods that grow in our region align with our body's seasonal needs.
Our modern lifestyle doesn't honor the connection between our bodies and its ties to nature, and it's making us sick.

For too long nutrition has been overcomplicated, making it inaccessible to the masses, and making us dependent on outside sources for guidance. Leaving us stuck on a wild goose chase for wellness.

We've been sold pills, potions, programs, and promises, but never have we been empowered to come back to our innate wisdom. The wisdom that lies within us, passed down from bodies that lived long before us; bodies that knew how to live in rhythm with the seasons.

Wellness is your birthright. Come back to your innate wisdom. Together we'll reignite the intelligence that lies within, and empower you to restore your health, all while keeping it simple and approachable.

About Me

Hey there! I’m Christine. A trauma-informed nutrition coach. I work with individuals that are ready to take their health into their own hands, become the director of their own healing, and reconnect to the wisdom of their body.

I've been where you are. Tired, exhausted, in pain and feeling unseen and unheard by the medical system. It took me twenty years to receive a diagnosis for two of my three diagnoses. No one should have to wait that long.

Along my journey for answers I sought out education on nutrition. Although doctors told me nutrition was not relevant to my conditions (IBS-C and Endometriosis), I persisted and in the end was able to reduce my symptoms by 90-95%. None of the treatments or recommendations provided by the doctors I met, had as big of an impact on my health as did the nutrition and lifestyle changes I made.

Now I work with individuals to make nutrition and wellness more accessible. Why? Because no one should have to go through what I went through.

I suffered for as long as I did because I kept looking outside myself for guidance. Instead of partnering with my providers, I let them take the lead and dictate my health. I wasn't actively involved in my own healing. Once I healed my relationship with my body shifting from one of domination to collaboration, and took the lead on my health journey, my health shifted significantly. And I'd love to help you do the same. 

Why focus on nutrition? - I define nutrition as meeting your body's needs. That includes your body's physical, mental and spiritual needs. The three are intimately connected and to address one, you must address the others.

Why start with food? - Food is the largest lever in the wellness journey. Assuming we don't face food insecurity or a disability that impacts our ability to eat, we eat three times per day. That is three opportunities per day to shift your life in the direction you want it to take.

Why trauma? - The biology of trauma is uniquely attached to our animal body and how it is designed to respond to threats. Our modern world is full of experiences our animal body perceives as threats. This impacts the decisions we make and actions we take, especially in relation to food and how we tend to our body's needs.

Background + Training

  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Digestive Health Coach
  • 15 year career in health and wellness
  • 3 Chronic conditions: IBS-C, Endometriosis, and POTS
  • Trauma informed via somatic education


"Working with Christine was a pleasure. Throughout our sessions, she met me where I am. Her calm relaxed and attentive demeanor, made me feel seen and heard. She helped me shift perspective on a challenging health setback, and develop a plan to better navigate any future challenges. I enjoyed working with Christine and would recommend her to any friend or colleague that is seeking to transform their health."

Dr. Rikki Gilmore-Byrd

"Christine immediately established a trusting and genuine rapport and I felt very comfortable diving deep into personal and important questions. I like to leave sessions feeling as though I have worked and I definitely unearthed some new mindset shifts. I always look forward to our sessions because I know I’ll unlock more about my behaviors and motivations. I often take on too much with my goal setting and Christine genuinely keeps me in check and ensures I approach goal setting with feasible goals that we work on every week so I am successful no matter how small or large!"

Kirsten Wright-Cirit, CWP

"Christine is the coach you’re seeking. She is an active and caring listener with a great curiosity to go deeper to help you get unstuck. Christine’s method of open ended questions helped me uncover limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living life by design not default."

Zoraida Morales

My Current Offering

  • Virtual
  • 1-on-1 private coaching
  • 90-MIN intake session
  • 30-MIN standard sessions
  • Value-aligned goal definition, development and tracking
  • Accountability partnership
  • In depth guides and resources exclusively for clients
  • Cancel anytime

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