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My Health Journey

My health journey started early in life. Digestive challenges began before I could remember and became chronic in adolescence. At the same time endometriosis emerged as did anxiety and panic attacks.

When I approached my PCP and inquired about a potential connection between the recent onset of worsening digestive issues and anxiety, I was gaslighted, told that I was making it up and needed to see a shrink.

Today the gut-brain connection is well documented, but at the time my intuition and bodily intelligence were pointing me in the right direction, and instead of taking my insight into consideration, my doctor verbally abused me.

I left that experience in tears and disconnected from my body. 

Chronic Condition:

"...a condition that lasts 12 months or longer and meets one or both of the following tests: (a) it places limitations on self-care, independent living, and social interactions; (b) it results in the need for ongoing intervention with medical products, services, and special equipment ."
Chronic Conditions | Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (n.d.). www.ahrq.gov. https://www.ahrq.gov/topics/chronic-conditions.html

I spent a decade self-managing my pain with over-the counter drugs because the adults in my life (medical professionals and family) told me my pain was normal and nothing to worry about. 

Upon graduating college I took matters into my own hands. I started with self-education (courses, books, and seminars), and sought out specialists. I even built a career in the field of health and wellness—a subsconscious act that gave me insight into the business side of the US health system.

Through it all I received the diagnosis of IBS-C and endometriosis, but received little to no guidance on how to manage either condition. In the end it was the lifestyle choices I made that resulted in a significant reduction in the symptoms I experienced. I went from being sick almost daily to being sick intermittently and was able to re-engage with life.

My health improved, but in 2020 it crashed, and a new stage of my health journey began. A virus triggered a disruption of my endocrine system leaving my blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep, weight, digestion and emotions highly dysregulated.  

Overjoyed to finally see a specialist and get tests run.

I tried to get back on my feet using my standard approach of managing my health through physical nutrition, but my body was unresponsive. Ultimately I stopped working and moved back in with family.

With physical nutrition no longer enough, I dug deeper and began addressing mental and spiritual nutrition. I changed my relationship with my body from one of domination to collaboration. Through these shifts my health began to restore, and today I’m healthier than I was before 2020, even after picking up a third diagnosis–Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome(POTS)–along the way.

Now I’m on a mission to help changemakers, cylcebreakers and service-led leaders transform their health to fuel themselves and the movements they’re building.

Physical Nutrition – Client’s Health History, Genetic Influences, and Exposome (internal, external (environmental) and behavioral factors that impact genetic expression)

Mental Nutrition – Trauma history, evolutionary psychology, and mental environment

Spiritual Nutrition – Connection to yourself, community, the environment, and to a higher power if applicable

Background + Training

  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Digestive Health Coach
  • 15 year career in health and wellness
  • 3 Chronic conditions: IBS-C, Endometriosis, and POTS
  • Trauma informed via somatic education

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